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Our Story

Brief of Aavaas

Aavaas is an affordable housing brand introduced by Nebula in 2016. Aavaas is the voice of the people who dream of owning a house. It offers housing and much more.

Aavaas Ahmedabad (Changodar) boasts around 3200 apartments in 5 phases of development where the first phase is already under possession with our customers.

Aavaas Miyapur (Hyderabad) is under construction and will have 2670 apartments under in a 5 block layout and 15 storied buildings making it one of the iconic affordable residencies in Hyderabad.

Aavaas Sanand (Ahmedabad) with 6 storied buildings Aavaas in Sanand will start with 312 apartments in the first Phase.

We realize the importance of uplifting the weaker sections of the society. We have a strong belief that the society has played a pivotal role in shaping us, and it is time to give it back. By cultivating these aspects, we are making a small effort to help these people own their own property. We care for them and so we wanted to transform their lives by offering them budget housing options magnificently crafted in luxury that can be remembered for a lifetime.

Journey of Aavaas

Goal: “To offer sustainable community living along with innovative social infrastructure such as affordable schools, health clinics and shops.”

Driven by the concept of ‘Housing for all’, ‘Aavaas’ is an affordable housing development venture established by Nebula in 2016. ‘Aavaas’ was a thoroughly thought concept, pledged towards changing the lives of thousands of families that were anxious to own a house. When we first launched Aavaas in Ahmedabad, the reception was massive. Several phases of the project were rapidly sold out within a few months. As we began to grow, we received abundant domestic exposure. The media houses and realty websites began to talk about us. Within a year of successful reception of Aavaas Ahmedabad we launched our second Aavaas in Hyderabad. Aavaas Hyderabad was a vastly successful project. We received a lot of admiration from the customers for the value addition that we offered and amenities that we provided for a budget project like Aavaas. The entire project was sold out in 4 months.

With Aavaas our mission is to provide housing to more than 10,000 people by the end of 2020.

Brief of Nebula

Founded in 2015, Nebula is involved in Real Estate, Hospitality, Timeshare and Holidays. Nebula was founded on the pillars of helping the masses by providing valuable products to sustain quality of life for all. We have ventured into Real Estate with our affordable housing projects in addition to developing 5 star category hotels. These projects are well diversified to cater all sections of our society. Our all-inclusive and inexpensive International Holiday packages are a great chance for a common man to get away from the hassles of life.

Nebula’s is actively pursuing real estate as a means to serve the masses with affordable housing. Our mission is to provide housing to 1,00,000 people by the end of 2020.


Pacifica Group: A US based global real estate company with 40 years of international presence and operating in India since the last 10 years. It’s presence in USA, Mexico and India has combined turnover of US$ 2.7 Billion. At the heart of Nebula’s operations,Pacifica is providing its expertise in planning and execution for ‘Aavaas’ and ‘Hawthorn’ projects.

Futura Group

Futura Group: Futura Group is a multifaceted group of companies who are involved in Real Estate, E&P of O&G, IT, Pharmaceuticals and EXIM business. It has active presence in 10 countries. ‘Futura Group’ is responsible for construction and execution of ‘Aavaas’ and ‘Hawthorn’ projects for Nebula.


Kesar: One of the largest land aggregators of Gujarat (India), Kesar has acquired vast areas of land for real estate development in Residential and Commercial properties. Kesar is responsible for acquisition of lands for various projects under ‘Aavaas’.

Aavaas Timeline

Sustainability is built into the foundation of Nebula. Over the years, we have built future-proofed businesses for our promoters, investors and employees. At the same time, we have worked towards fulfilling our responsibility towards our immediate communities. From affordable housing to holiday leisure packages our responsibilities lie in creating model products to gratify the need of fulfillment, there have been several milestones along the way that have justified our vision and endeavors.

March 2016

Aavaas Ahmedabad (Changodar) Launched

September 2016

Aavaas Hyderabad (Miyapur) Launched

September 2016

Sold 1500 units at Aavaas Ahmedabad (Changodar)

October 2016

Launched a new Phase – 3A at Aavaas Ahmedabad (Changodar)

February 2017

Aavaas Hyderabad (Miyapur) Sold out (2670               apartments)

January 2020

Launched Aavaas Sanand (Ahmedabad)